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The Travellersling Security Wallet TWC5, Black

Posted by Michael Thompson on

Introducing the Travellersling Security Wallet in Black

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Launching the Travellersling Travel Neck Wallet

Posted by Knight Khonje on

Knighties Launches the Travellersling Neck Wallet. The ultimate solution for protecting your possessions while on the move. This gives travellers a perfect solution for keeping all the travel essentials in one place. Whilst retaining its slim appearance so that it can easily be concealed under clothing, the Travellersling Neck Wallet has compartments for your passport, tickets, travel documents, credit cards, bank notes and coins. This can be purchased from Travellersling Travel Neck Wallet is worn under your clothes and is hidden from thieves. All your travel essentials are kept with you. It is made from real leather and is...

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