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Our Story

"The Travellersling Brand is inspired by the desire to keep all travel essentials in one safe place while on the move,” says Michael Thompson Managing Director of Travellersling. “The security associated with modern travel means you have to keep on shuffling travel essentials now and again at security check points. You have to pass through body ex-rays machines at ports.
I am a regular traveller myself. Before using the neck wallet, I used to have a hard time keeping track of the travel essentials after these security points. Passport in one pocket, boarding card in a shirt pocket, tickets in another pocket, money and cards in a wallet in another pocket. At most security posts they even ask you to empty the contents of your pockets of coins. This means coins ended up in yet another pocket.

It used to take me some time to get reorganised after passing one of these security posts.

Now all I have to do is to keep all the essentials in one Travellersling Travel Neck Wallet. All I have to take care of afterwards is to wear the Neck Wallet under my clothes keeping it away from pickpockets.”

Travellersling are dedicated to bringing you top quality travel and household accessories.

We sell travel neck wallets, wallets, and related accessories to help our customers protect their possessions while on the move  and help them travel in comfort.

Our team is headed by Michael Thompson, Sales Director.